Why Booking an Airport Transfer Can Save You Money and Sanity On Your Next Trip + Where to Book

If you’re traveling on a budget, booking an airport transfer to your hotel might seem like one of those luxurious “extras” you don’t have the money for. After all, you can just grab a rideshare or hop in a cab when you arrive, or avail yourself of local public transit.

But, sometimes, a lot more goes into measuring the value of something than the price tag. When done right, an airport can end up saving you time, sanity and, yes, even money on your next trip.

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What is an Airport Transfer?
An airport transfer involves booking (in advance, before your trip) a car and driver that will get you from the airport to your hotel.

Hence, they’re often called airport-to-hotel transfers. An airport transfer can be in the form of a private car or even a shared van (that you’ll share with other travelers arriving at the same time). If you want luxury, you can book a limo, but that’s not us (we wish!).

Noticed those drivers holding signs with people’s names on them when you exit the secure zone of the airport? Many of those are airport private transfer drivers.

Where to Book Airport Transfers
Your hotel is a great place to start, if it offers an airport transfer. If not, travel booking sites offer them for many major airports:

Viator Airport Transfers
You have hundreds of options to choose from, including shared shuttles and private cars from many destinations worldwide. Enter your destination on the homescreen and then use the search bar to search “your destination + airport transfer.”

Viator works with vetted, reputable local transport companies, and most offer free cancellations up to 24 hours in advance. Viator also frequently has cash back offers so you can earn a percentage of your spending BACK when you book an airport transfer. See the current offer.

Expedia calls these services “ground transfers,” and they’re easy to book. Just enter your arrival airport, hotel name, itinerary details and number of travelers.

You’ll see your options laid out, and you can choose

Booking.com Airport Transfers
Booking.com lets you book pretty much anything travel related, so the fact that it lets you book airport transfers (it calls the service airport taxis). Enter your travel details, and whether you’re booking a one-way or round-trip transfer. Make sure you activate our cash back offer.

SuperShuttle Express Airport Transfers
Yes, SuperShuttle still exists. However, its services have shifted away from providing cheap shared rides to individual customers and more toward private van bookings. So they’re a solid option for large families traveling together who need a lot of space for people and bags.

How to Book an Airport Transfer
Usually, the process works like this:

You’ll book your flights and your accommodations (hotel, vacation rental, hostel).
You’ll book your transfer with a transportation company (or an online booking site), inputting your itinerary details. In some cases, your hotel or hostel might offer airport transfers as an add-on to your booking.
You’ll usually pay in advance for your transfer. Be sure to check the cancellation policy – some companies will let you cancel up to 24 hours before your flight to get a full refund.
Enjoy your flight! When you land, look for the driver holding a car with your name on it at the exit. If you booked a shared transfer, look for a sign with the name of the transfer company you booked – you’ll check in, verify your name on the list and wait for the other passengers.
Enjoy your transfer. When you arrive at your destination, tip your driver (tip is usually not included in your pre-booked fare).
Same process for the return trip. Just book in advance from your hotel to the airport. Your transport company will likely reach out by email or WhatsApp to coordinate pickup time and location.
How Much Does an Airport Transfer Cost?
Prices vary widely by date, destination, distance you are traveling and the number of people in your party.