Why Airport Transfers Are a Smart Travel (and Budgeting) Move

It’s often true that taking a rideshare or local public transit to your hotel can be cheaper. Sometimes even renting a car can be more affordable, if you snag a good deal. But here are some reasons you might want to consider an airport transfer on your next trip.

  1. You Pay Up Front, So No Surprises
    That airport transfer price might seem more expensive than what you’d pay for a cab or rideshare from the airport. And, assuming everything goes “right” with your cab or rideshare, that could be true. But what if the rideshare apps are applying surge pricing? Plus, even in cities where cabs charge “flat fares” from the airport, surcharges can (and will!) get tacked on. If your flight lands during rush hour or gets stuck in traffic (thus triggering taxi’s “peak” and “congestion” surcharges), expect a much more expensive fare. Those extra charges can add up and cost you more than the airport transfer booking price.

With an airport transfer, you know the final amount up front, so you can budget for it and the tip and avoid the anxiety of watching the fare meter’s numbers creep up and up during your cab ride – or the sinking feeling of seeing rideshare apps’ surge pricing after a long flight.

  1. You Avoid Public Transit Snags
    In cities that offer public transit from the airport, that’s often, by far, the cheapest way to get to your hotel from the airport. But do your research. Will you be on a spacious train with room for your luggage? Or in a packed subway car with no space for large suitcases?

If you’re traveling with kids, keeping track of all your baggage can be a challenge on public transit. And, in some cities, hopping the metro with luggage can make you a target for theft.

So consider booking the transfer and then using public transport the rest of your trip to save money.

  1. Airport Transfers Are a Breeze
    Lots can go wrong if your flight doesn’t land when you expected it to. Airport transfer companies have your flight information and many run 24/7 – so you still have a ride if your plane lands hours late. Public transport might not be running that late. Rideshares might be doing surge pricing. Taxis will be operating late, but you may not want to wait at the taxi stand after a long (and late) flight.
  2. Airport Transfers are a Smart Option for Large Groups
    If you need a van to get your whole party to the hotel, that can mean a longer wait at a taxi stand or a higher fare for whatever “deluxe” car service your rideshare app has. And, if a large enough car isn’t available, you could find yourself stuck.

Large families may choose to go the rental car route for this very reason. But then you have to pay the daily rate, keep the car filled up and find somewhere to park it (which may not be free at your hotel or vacation rental).

By booking an airport transfer by the number of people (and bags!) in your party, you’ll be reserving a big enough car. And airport transfers are often really cost-effective for large parties, too. For example, in the New York pricing example above, you’ll see a private sedan costs $75, while a private SUV for up to 6 costs $91.