Ways to Save More on Travel With Expedia

If you want to boost your savings with Expedia, try the following 10 Expedia travel hacks, from finding cheaper flights to using your phone to score exclusive discounts.

This is, of course, in addition to the regular discounts Expedia (part of the Expedia Travel Expedia Group, which also includes Hotels.com, Vrbo, Travelocity, Hotwire, Orbitz, Trivago and more) offers. When you plan your travel through Expedia, you’ll often save above and beyond what you might with hotel and airline sites, because Expedia pre-purchases flights and hotel rooms in bulk — at a big discount — then passes those discounts on to you.

Read on for 10 simple tips to save more on your next trip with Expedia.

  1. Become an Expedia Rewards Member — FREE
    Join Expedia’s free rewards program for immediate discounts. There are three tiers of rewards membership: blue, silver and gold, with blue being the base level that everyone gets as soon as they join. Never fear, the blue tier is legit, and offers an extra 10 percent or more on select hotels with Member Prices, the ability to earn points on eligible bookings to use for the future, and double points when you book on the Expedia app.

The higher up you go in membership (based on how much you use/spend with Expedia, just like any other rewards program) the more perks you get. Think 24/7 expedited customer service and free upgrades and late checkouts at VIP Access Properties.

  1. Download the Expedia App ASAP
    Speaking of the app, there are plenty of conveniences that come from using the Expedia app, as Kaitlyn McInnis reports for RetailMeNot, but McInnis adds that when booking through the Expedia app you get exclusive app-only coupons and deals, such as 25 percent on certain hotels and double points earned by booking through the app.
  2. Shop for Travel Package Deals
    If you’re about to book your flight, why not bundle your hotel room or rental car at the same time and save more though special Expedia vacation packages? The travel agency says you could see discounts as high as 30 percent this way.
  3. Search Smarter With Expedia’s Handy Search Functionality
    Don’t spend more than you want to on your next trip. The company curates affordable vacation packages under $1,000 so you can be sure to stick to your budget and still have an amazing vacation.
  4. Book an Airport Transfer Through Expedia
    Airport transfers, also known as airport-to-hotel transfers, are if you’re not going to rent a car and instead you book a car and driver to take you from the airport to your hotel. Not only is this really convenient and takes a big stress off you as you disembark, you can save by handling this task beforehand with Expedia rather than trying to scramble and deal with ground transportation after you land. Just search Expedia for their “ground transfers” to see if it’s in your price range for your trip, arrange it and relax, because once it’s wheels up, you don’t have to worry about anything else.
  5. Use an Expedia Coupon
    Expedia sometimes offers special coupons on their special Expedia Coupons Code page, so check it out before you start searching to see if there are any offers available for you. They also have a page devoted to their best deals that is worth a quick scan, as well.
  6. Protect Your Price
    With Expedia Price Drop Protection, after you buy your tickets, the travel agency will automatically check each day for price drops on your exact flight on Expedia, and if the flight price is lower than what you paid, you’ll get a refund for the difference. Note that you do have to pay for Expedia Price Drop Projection, it is not included in what you pay for your airfare.
  7. Embrace Procrastination and Get and Expedia Last-Minute Deal
    Got the urge to hit the road now? Airlines lose money if they fly with empty seats, and hotels lose money when there are rooms empty, and they’re willing to reward you with lower prices to fill those empty spots. If you don’t have to make it for, say, great-great Aunt Selene’s 100th birthday party, and have some flexibility and don’t mind cutting things close, you can find deals on last-minute Expedia vacation packages.