How to Save On Airport Transfers

Even after you’ve decided that booking an airport transfer is smart move from a logistical and budget standpoint, you still don’t want to pay any more than you have to. Here are some ways to save:

  1. Use Promo Codes and Discount Codes + Earn Cash Back
    Check our coupon pages for, Viator and Expedia to find the latest coupon codes and cash back offers you can use on your purchase. Our cash back offers are especially flexible, because you can buy anything on the site of your choice and get a percentage back.
  2. See What Your Hotel Offers
    While free airport shuttles are usually available only for hotels near the airport, some hotels and hostels do offer airport transfers and buses that may cost less than a transfer you book separately.
  3. Pack Light if you Can
    Four people can possibly fit into a sedan, but not if they all have large bags. If you can go down from a hard-shell suitcase to a more squishable travel duffle, it can allow more bags and people to fit in the car and help you avoid the upgrade to a van or SUV.
  4. Book a Shared Transfer
    Booking a seat on a bus or large van can save you money. While privacy is nice, it is a luxury. So consider sharing the ride if you’d like to save. The shuttle company will coordinate rides based on arrival times and hotel destinations of the passengers. You can find especially good deals on shared airport transfer shuttle bookings at cruise ports and locales with clusters of resorts.