Cheap Camping Tents + Buying Tips for Newbie Campers

Buying a cheap tent can feel overwhelming because you’re trying to keep in mind not only your budget, but what shape, size and weight you need, not to mention ease of setup. Saving a few bucks isn’t worth it if your shelter blows over at the first light breeze.

There’s a lot to think about when buying a cheap tent as Robin McKee of explains. Budget is important, obviously, but beyond price tag, your tent choice will depend on the size of your camping party, whether you’re going to be car camping or backpacking and carrying all of your gear, and, particularly for novice campers, the ease of setup.

These cheap camping tents will give you the most bang for your buck, wherever you decide to travel and keep reading for more expert advice from McKee.

  1. Best Small 2-Person Tent
    Bissina Two-Person Camping Tent
    This freestanding tent is spacious enough for up to two people with an air mattress and sleeping bag, and light enough to carry in your backpack. Weighing just under 5 pounds, it has an easy set up in less than 10 minutes and it’s equally easy to take down.

Made of high quality materials, the Bisinna tent provides reliable protection no matter what kind of weather it encounters and can easily taking you into the spring, summer or fall seasons.

Deal: This tent is on sale now from with 14% off its usual $79.99 price.

  1. Best Yurt Tent
    Timber Ridge Six-Person Glamping Tent

As far as posh yurt tents go, this one by Timber Ridge is actually really very affordable. It fits up to six people comfortably and has two peak vents for the taller peeps, three windows for checking out nature and four ground vents for keeping the air flowing.

Plus, it comes with two organizer pockets, an attachable tablet pocket and E-port for power cord access to stay connected and a hanging hook accessory. What more could you ask for from a suped-out glampy tent?

Deal: The Timber Ridge tent is normally $199.99.

BUY NOW – $139

  1. Best Pop Up Camping Tent
    Ayamaya Pop Up Four-Person Tent

Designed to sleep up to four people, this tent is super easy to set up: just unstrap it and it pops up automatically in seconds. If that weren’t awesome enough, it features an overhead skylight so you can look up at starry night sky, as long as there aren’t pesky clouds to spoil it. It also has two doors and two large mesh windows.

Deal: This tent is usually $134.99.

BUY NOW – $109.99

  1. Best Tent With Fastest Setup
    Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

No one wants to wrestle with a complicated setup, and this tent is about the easiest one around to work with. From a trusted brand, this four-person cabin tent (which are typically roomier and have a higher ceiling than other tents) has room for a queen-sized air beds and sets up in as little as 60 seconds, thanks to the preassembled poles. The fabric is designed to block 90% of sunlight coming into the tent so you can sleep in.

Deal: This tent is usually $184.99.

BUY NOW – $139.77

  1. Best Affordable SUV Camping Tent
    North East Harbor Universal SUV 8-Person Camping Tent

With an SUV tent, you can connect to the cargo area of your vehicle for more storage and sleeping space, plus access to power for those who can’t live without their smartphone. SUV tents aren’t cheap, but North East Harbor’s comes in under $200 and has excellent reviews to boot. It sleeps up to six people, weighs in at 19 pounds and can be disconnected for use as a free standing tent.

BUY NOW – $172.99

  1. Best Truck Bed Tent
    Guide Gear Truck Tent for Camping

Hitting the road via truck? This specially designed tent fits perfectly in your truck bed. Designed for a very specific need, this two-person shelter has just over 5 inches of headroom while keeping you dry and up off the ground. It safely anchors to any truck measuring between 79 to 81 inches with the tailgate down.

Guide Gear’s lightweight tent has mesh windows for ventilation, a sewn-in polyethylene flooring, two storage pockets and a heavy-duty, weather-resistant carrying bag.

BUY NOW – $79.99

  1. Best Family Camping Tent
    Magellan Outdoors Grand Ponderosa 10-Person Family Cabin Tent

For a big 10-person family tent, Megellan Outdoors’ Grand Ponderosa is a steal! It has a whopping 140 square feet of floor space and 80 inches high in the center. This tent comes with a divider panel to create two relatively private rooms, six windows, a tablet entertainment holder, large mud mat and reflective logos for camping through three seasons.

BUY NOW – $159.99

  1. Best Luxury Camping Tent
    Vidalido Dome 6-Person Camping Tent

Unless you want to drop $1,000 or more for something super duper fancy, this six-person camping tent is pretty fly. It has an ultra-lightweight design with a stable fiberglass structure and hooped fly frame to protect you from the elements. You can set it up in under five minutes